We are not favoring ourselves – we are purely just making a contribution to the beautiful realm of good music.

Rivulin is a new band formed in 2015, with an energetic pulse of feel-good pop/rock.

All five members of Rivulin met in high school, where they found a shared passion for music. Not long after establishing the band, Rivulin started writing songs and explored a new world of creativity. They write, compose, record, mix and master all their music themselves in their home build studio The Loft Recording Studio.

They are five fresh guys in their early twenties ready to takeover the world with a new pulsing genre of pop/rock. They bring 110% energy to the stage so the crowd can’t stop moving.


Members (from the left)

Oskar Darket: Piano & Vocals
Oscar Flowers: Lead Vocals & Guitar
Adam Kuskner: Bass
Asbjørn Eriknauer: Drums
Gustav Scheel: Lead Guitar & Vocals

2015-11 rivulin group picture